How To Use Google Trends

Google Trends works best when combined with other keyword tracking tools such as keyword planner or professional keyword ranking software.

Google Trends will give you an idea of the popularity of a keyword over time. For example, if you were planning on selling a specific brand or product, you could use it to gauge the level of interest of that keyword, before venturing into a franchise agreement.  This data, along with other SEO tools, could be very useful information. You could also use it to research a topic and it’s popularity before you make any type of marketing investment.

In addition, Google Trends allows you to see the volume of interest by geo target. This can be useful when deciding where to focus your advertising budget.

Although Google Trends provides you broad figures and is not very exact, it’s still a powerful tool that combined with other marketing products, can give you a clearer picture of the volume of interest for your product or service over time.

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